After seeing the Saucony KOA ST and KOA TR shoe earlier in the year I was excited to get a chance to run in a pair. Once they arrived and I put them on my feet  I was pleasantly surprised at how they felt, the ride was more supportive than I expected, People wanting a minimalist shoe probsnly should not read on as they feel like a cross between an Altra, Hoka and Saucony Ride. The midsole is thick so no need for a rock plate. When running at speed the shoe feels soft and light with lots of bounce. The toe box is wide almost foot shaped without being as extreme as Altra’s, however it has a slightly snug midfoot which helps reduce movement on technical trails. The sizing is a little short so you will need to go up half a size. The upper is great thin and breathes well.

When running at speed on road in the Saucony KOA TR the shoe feels almost like a road shoe, soft and light with lots of bounce, the slight rock to the sole feels great. Once on hard trails the shoe turns in to a nice trail shoe and can even cope with little bits of mud. 

The Saucony ST feels very much the same as the Saucony TR as you would expect however when you get on to muddy ground the ST comes into its own. The grip on the ST is outstanding giving great traction on the ascent and descents, wet rock is also fine, not as sticky as the La Sportiva but still far better than other trail shoes. When are hard services the lugs are supple so act as extra cushioning, with the shoe being 4mm drop and the stack height not being too high you feel stable on technical descents.

In summary, these are pretty decent shoes from Saucony and can rival Hoka and Altra for max cushioning. The shoes are slightly heavier than the Saucony Peregrine but a much more rounded shoe and well cushioned to the point of being a slimmed down version of the Hoka ATR, with the toe box of Altra with will suit a wider range of runners.

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March 14, 2018 by Michelle Gordon