Welcome to LETS RUN’s Ladies Trail Running.

If you've reached this page then I'm sure it's because you're thinking of coming along to your first session.

Please don't be terrified and read on......

We totally understand how you might be feeling (intimidated/everyone be better than you/daren't wear running clothes/scared in case someone see's you/not good enough/concerned to go out on the trails on your own/shift work/or just don't know where to go). There's probably a 101 reasons why you want to put it off...BUT..... put those feelings to one side and give it a go, what have you got to lose?

The positives-

Friendly atmosphere

No pressure

New routes

Coffee and cake 

Doing something for you

Stress reliever

A new you



AND it's not as tough as you may think! 


The most important thing is don't panic as all of the activities are suitable from absolutely zero fitness levels, you will be able to enjoy it at your own pace and working within your own limits.

Couch 2 Trail

This is aimed at those ladies literally putting on their first pair of running shoes or maybe their first pair since school and will be aiming to work towards their first 5k (don't worry this won't be on day one)! 

Introduction to trail running

This will be suitable for those who have maybe been doing a little running on the roads and feel comfortable up to 5km distance, but don't worry these will still be a beginners group.

10 week beginner courses 

10 week beginners courses are designed to take you from literally no running at all to 5km in 10 weeks. The course involves structured weekly sessions, basic strength and conditioning that can be done at home, plus a few other bits of homework to help you on your running journey. 

At Lets Run we love people starting their running journeys so please don't be afraid to try one of our groups.

Helen and Rohan are our regular Thursday morning run leaders helping you become more confident out on the trails, we look forward to meeting you soon. 


Why Trail Running? 

There is no more liberating activity than trail running. Forget the excruciating cross country runs you were sent on at school, this is the chance to leave suburbia and the tarmac behind and indulge in fresh air and beautiful scenery. 

Trail running used to be for the hardy fell and mountain goat-style runners but no more!!  Whether a short drive or out of your front door you can find yourself set loose in miles of peace and calm listening to nature at its best.

One of the beauties of trail running is that it is easier on the body. The grass, sand, muddy trails or gravel paths will impact less on your joints, while the need to change direction regularly will use different muscles and strengthen your ankles and hip joints, helping you to avoid overuse injuries associated with running on tarmac roads.

There are hidden dangers however lurking on these trails. The path is never smooth, and if you are used to treadmill and road running, be prepared for sudden changes in the terrain, forest tracks, molehills, puddles, loose rocks or branches can all conspire to trip you up, while low-hanging foliage can cause you to duck suddenly as you are running. A loose rock can result in a rolled ankle and there is a greater chance of a loose dog tripping you up, as owners tend to let their dogs off the leash in these areas, Shelli will provide guidance on the correct way to tackle all of these obstacles.

You will also need to consider the kit you wear while trail running especially if the weather is typically British, Shelli can help and advise in the shop and help you use what you have rather than spending money on new kit when it's not required.