If there’s one thing you can say about me, it’s that I love running be that with on my own, with friends and run groups, with my dogs, and my daughter on the pony.

I love hitting the trails around the North York Moors, or stepping out of the door for a short loop of Great Ayton.

Having done my first trail marathon at the age of 13 I have lots of experience on how to get the best out of you whether its your first 5k or your first 100 mile ultra.


If you’re interested in working together and developing the perfect training plan, that helps you reach and exceed your running goals, please get in touch.

Online Coaching

All training programmes are designed specifically around the athletes goals, fitness levels and lifestyle.

Whether you want to train for your first 5k race, 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon or Ultra Marathon Lets run Coaching can help!

The online coaching service includes: 

  • 30 min initial consultation (face to face or phone)

  • Customised Training Plan specific to your goals which is reviewed and updated weekly 

  • Weekly review

  • Unlimited email or text access

  • Nutritional advice

  • Race preparation advice 

  • Goal setting

  • Motivation tip

Online Coaching from £60 a month 

For more information you can call 01642 711549 or email coaching@lets-run.co.uk

How does it work?

We’ll start with a telephone phone or face to face consultation. Before we build your first training plan, we want to get to know more about you along with your knowledge of running, past experiences, your injury history and diet.

Once the boring stuff is out the way we want to know your short and long-term goals and aspirations. The ultimate purpose of this is to build a solid training plan that helps you reach and exceed all of your running goals!

After your consultation, we will put together a training plan that is personalised for you and will take into account your current running level, experience and life, trust me i know all about a busy life!

The first week of training will be emailed, There is a section in the plan for you to write notes about each day’s training so we can better understand how the workout went and if any adjustments are necessary. It’s important that you are honest with us in the notes. We need to know if you are experiencing any injuries or discomfort so that we can take steps to avoid injury.

A few of the many topics we will chat about will include: uphill/downhill running technique, running on technical terrain, gear advice, injury prevention, self-motivational techniques and more.