Injury Prevention - The Real Excuse for a New Pair of Running Shoes.

This may come as a surprise to anyone who knows me… but I hate shopping for shoes.

Particularly running shoes.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy a new comfy pair of trainers, but I usually want the pair that don’t quite fit. The pair that look pretty. The ones in the nice colour, rather than the ones that are right for me. And, as a trail runner, despite my best efforts to avoid the puddles and the mud, any new pair of trainers usually stay clean for a matter of minutes.

I have two trusted pairs of trail shoes which have carried me for miles around the North York Moors. There’s the comfy pair and the comfy pair which are super grippy.

And while it would be great to strategically choose which pair to wear depending on the terrain, the reality is that I usually alternate between the two and wear whichever pair is dry while the other basks next to the radiator with newspaper stuffed inside.

Both pairs are comfy and were fitted with the expert help from the team at Lets Run in Stokesley. Neither leave me with blisters and it has been a while since I’ve lost a toe nail. These are great running shoes!

And there lies the problem.

As I beamed that I was planning on completing the London Marathon in my super comfy trail shoes, a look of concern flashed across Shelli’s face before informing me that trail shoes on 26.2 miles of tarmac could cause injury and would also ruin the sole of my trusted trail shoes.

And while I wasn’t overly concerned about ruining my shoes (they’re already well worn and covered in mud), the worry of injury hit home pretty hard.

So there I found myself gazing at the wall of beautiful trainers in Lets Run. Eying up the pretty pair in the corner, not even sure if they were trail or road shoes. It was busy in the shop and I prayed that no-one would ask me any technical questions about my feet or my running.

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Did I want trainers with extra cushioning or extra stability? Was that a choice I’d have to make?

Something that’s comfy that won’t give me blisters is all I was thinking…

The thought of being asked if I’m an over pronator, neutral pronator or supinator made the palms of my hands go all clammy. While I enjoy running, my specialist knowledge is limited/non-existent.

This could get embarrassing.

Thankfully, the level of questioning involved a friendly chat about my running and my London Marathon ambition. From that, Shelli who’s the most experienced and successful runner I know, managed to work out that I would need a neutral road shoe and offered me a choice of what would work for me.

So with a cuppa in one hand and a cupcake in the other (courtesy of Lets Run) I tried on several pairs of trainers. And with the help and expert advice from Shelli and Heather found two pairs that fit me perfectly.

The decider rested on putting them to the test with a jog round Stokesley square.

The super comfy, lightweight pair won the 361-Spire 3.

And they look pretty good too. 

Thank you to the team at Lets Run for helping me to find the kit that was right for the job to keep me happy and injury free.

And yes, I survived the marathon without blisters or painful joints.

So now I have three pairs of running shoes, two for the trails and one for the tarmac.

Now I just need to enter the next race…

Thank you Lets Run xx

Written by Hannah McMahon