In order to fit shoes with the appropriate amount of support and width for your feet all the staff are trained to assess your gait.

We use a mix of asking questions, a series of exercises, we do have video analysis if required, on a nice day we may even get you running outside the shop. We also use good old fashioned experience so don't be surprised when we ask you a series of questions. 


We are not just confined to our shop in Stokesley, you can find us at the local races with our mobile shop

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Remembering our friend Ian 'Go Run’ Gorin

Remembering our friend Ian 'Go Run’ Gorin

Eulogy for Ian 'Go Run' Gorin written and read at his funeral by Heather, one of Ian's many close friends that he met through running.

On behalf of our running community we would like to pass on all of our condolences to Ian's family and we would love to see you all at any local events, be it to spectate or maybe even try some.

October 24, 2019 by Shelli Gordon
Turning 40 the hard way.

Turning 40 the hard way.

For the uninitiated, “Couch to 5K “ is a NHS backed program designed to get non-runners to take regular exercise, and, as the name suggests, take them all the way to 5K over a 10 week build up period. I undertook my own version of this a couple of years ago at a point when my life was falling apart (there’s a recurrent theme here) but never being one to follow the crowd I went from couch to 26.2 trail miles over 4 consecutive Wednesdays. I was trying to impress someone, it failed. Also a recurrent theme. At the time, those 26.2 miles were (as a non-runner) the most difficult miles I had ever done. They were nothing however compared to what I found myself doing just before Christmas.

June 07, 2019 by Shelli Gordon
The London Marathon: Trading Trails for Tarmac

The London Marathon: Trading Trails for Tarmac

I’ve run/jogged/shuffled my way round several marathons.

But 2019 was the year I ticked the London marathon off the bucket list.

It had been like a ritual for as long as I could remember, the annual occasion of planting myself on the sofa to watch thousands of people toe the line, high five the procession of supporters along with the celebrities, running pandas, and men with fridges on their back to name just a few.

May 14, 2019 by Shelli Gordon