In order to fit shoes with the appropriate amount of support and width for your feet all the staff are trained to assess your gait.

We use a mix of asking questions, a series of exercises, we do have video analysis if required, on a nice day we may even get you running outside the shop. We also use good old fashioned experience so don't be surprised when we ask you a series of strange questions. We have carefully train all our staff to understand the basics of Biomechanics as well as what each shoe can do for each runner depending on running age and experience and what you want from a shoe.

We will need to see the shape of your feet and how they change when you do a few simple movements this will show us what they are like when you run.

Although this is in effect the gait analysis bit over with this isn't the end of shoe fitting - We will ask you a few questions about recurring niggles and aches. Have a look at the wear pattern of your current running shoes if you have brought them with you. Then from the shape of your feet we will pull you out a selection of shoes for you to try.


Socks are an important choice when choosing your shoe, we can provide try on socks or if you always run in a particular brands then please bring these with you.

Please note we charge £20 for gait analysis. This is refundable against a pair of shoes within 28 days or free when you purchase a pair of shoes.