Remembering our friend Ian 'Go Run’ Gorin

Remembering our friend Ian 'Go Run’ Gorin

Eulogy for Ian 'Go Run' Gorin written and read at his funeral by Heather, one of Ian's many close friends that he met through running.

On behalf of our running community we would like to pass on all of our condolences to Ian's family and we would love to see you all at any local events, be it to spectate or maybe even try some.

October 24, 2019 by Shelli Gordon
Turning 40 the hard way.

Turning 40 the hard way.

For the uninitiated, “Couch to 5K “ is a NHS backed program designed to get non-runners to take regular exercise, and, as the name suggests, take them all the way to 5K over a 10 week build up period. I undertook my own version of this a couple of years ago at a point when my life was falling apart (there’s a recurrent theme here) but never being one to follow the crowd I went from couch to 26.2 trail miles over 4 consecutive Wednesdays. I was trying to impress someone, it failed. Also a recurrent theme. At the time, those 26.2 miles were (as a non-runner) the most difficult miles I had ever done. They were nothing however compared to what I found myself doing just before Christmas.

June 07, 2019 by Shelli Gordon
The London Marathon: Trading Trails for Tarmac

The London Marathon: Trading Trails for Tarmac

I’ve run/jogged/shuffled my way round several marathons.

But 2019 was the year I ticked the London marathon off the bucket list.

It had been like a ritual for as long as I could remember, the annual occasion of planting myself on the sofa to watch thousands of people toe the line, high five the procession of supporters along with the celebrities, running pandas, and men with fridges on their back to name just a few.

May 14, 2019 by Shelli Gordon
Injury Prevention - The Real Excuse for a New Pair of Running Shoes.

Injury Prevention - The Real Excuse for a New Pair of Running Shoes.

This may come as a surprise to anyone who knows me… but I hate shopping for shoes.

Particularly running shoes.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy a new comfy pair of trainers, but I usually want the pair that don’t quite fit. The pair that look pretty. The ones in the nice colour, rather than the ones that are right for me. And, as a trail runner, despite my best efforts to avoid the puddles and the mud, any new pair of trainers usually stay clean for a matter of minutes.

I have two trusted pairs of trail shoes which have carried me for miles around the North York Moors. There’s the comfy pair and the comfy pair which are super grippy.

April 08, 2019 by Shelli Gordon
I thought I knew, but I had no idea… by Hannah McMahon (Lets Run Blogger!)

I thought I knew, but I had no idea… by Hannah McMahon (Lets Run Blogger!)

(Photo Credit James Kirby)
I thought I knew, but I had no idea… 

Shopping…every girl’s favourite pass time right?! 

As a keen trail runner I’m always keeping my eye out for some decent gear, shorts, tops and those super grippy trainers to get me through the mud and over the rocks because you can’t run a decent race without the right trainers (obviously!).

But shopping for underwear is a whole other ball game. 

I’ve been for runs where I’ve been reluctant to jump down the trail, or over that rock, simply for fear of knocking myself out with my flailing breasts. 

But my sports bras are ok, they’ve lasted me well, several years in fact, and that’s despite the rogue bits of elastic springing out from the sides. They hold me in well. I’m sure of it. 

A new running top though - that’s what I need. 

Browsing the display in Stokesley’s Let’s Run, I was eying up the clothing range and debating whether to dabble in the skort trend…but do I go purple or black?!
My eye swept over to the sports bras, I might as well pick one up while I’m here. 

As I clambered into the changing room, armed with my skort, shorts and multiple colours of the same vest top, Shelli asked what size bra I’d like to try. 

“A 34D” I confidently beamed. 

I tried it on. I knew it was my size. I wasn’t about to flail around the shop asking how I looked in my underwear so thought to myself “that’ll do, it’s fine”.

But Shelli wasn’t going to let me walk out with a bra that I needed super extra padding to fill. Ok so maybe I wasn’t quite as fully busted as I thought. 

She handed me an alternative, I tried it and again thought it fitted ok. But it was on the tightest setting and Shelli pointed out it was far too loose around my chest. 

Same cup size, down a back size. That’s what I needed…apparently. I nodded, clearly not having a clue about the size of my own anatomy. 

Shelli came back smiling with another option. Try this one she said confidently. On it went, was this too small? Too wide? Too full? I had no idea. 

It fits perfectly Shelli informed me after a quick check of the straps. It felt good, I jumped around safely, without knocking anyone out. Great I thought.  And that was it. I’d just had my first ever bra fitting without even realising it. There was no embarrassing measuring tape, no awkward prodding of the breasts or fumbling around.  

I’m in my mid 30s and until now I’ve always bought my sports bras online with an “it’ll do” attitude. I thought that even a magician couldn’t hold my breasts still on a run.

But if magician’s made sports bras then I’ve found it, and thanks to Shelli at Let’s Run I’ve been out on the trails and for the first time forgotten about my 30Ds (not 34Ds). 

My new bra is my ‘go faster’ weapon - if it’s comfortable and fits right, then surely I’ll run better… 

And the bonus - my new bra is pink! Perfect. 


Thanks Shelli @ Lets Run xx
June 26, 2018 by Shelli Gordon
Ultra Running, Ultramarathon & Ultra Trail Running

Ultra Running, Ultramarathon & Ultra Trail Running

If you typed the above phrases in any search engine then you will get similar answers. "they are races above 26.2" but what is an ultra marathon really?

Wikipedia has an interesting definition but over the last 3 to 4 years we have seen a huge change in the races both in the UK and abroad.

You have the main showcase races likes of Hardmoors Ultra Series, Lakeland 50/100, UTMB, Western States, Marathon des Sables to name but a few but what about the lessor know races and the FKT's in the UK that are actually ultra distance?

In the UK we have our own version now of the Barkley Marathon called the Dead Sheep.

We also have races like the 268 Mile Montane Spine Race which is a winter ultra, or more like an arctic expedition due to 2018 conditions.


But if its not the brutal Dead Sheep or the arctic adventure then you have Lakeland 50 / 100 which is in the Lake District and is normally sunny.

or one of the Hardmoors in the North York Moors and in range of our shop. 30, 55, 60, 110, 160 or 200 miles for the ultramarathon series or you can do 10k,Half or Marathon in the 26.2 Trail Series.

 The list of races in the UK really can go on and on just like the races :)

You also have multi day events in the UK similar to the Marathon des Sables except you dont have to starve for a week, carry your full weeks clothing and re mortgage your house to enter. The Dragons Back Race set in Wales and the Cape Wrath Ultra set in the Highlands of Scotland.

Finally we have the Rounds,

Bob Graham Round

Paddy Buckley Round

Ramsay Round

which are the popular ones (there is lots more). These are like long Fell Races which all have to be completed within 24 hours.





March 29, 2018 by Shelli Gordon
Holes in the toe box?

Holes in the toe box?

One of the biggest questions we get is “Why do I get holes in my running shoes?” and “how do we prevent it”

Many runners think it’s a fault with the shoes, but unfortunately its not as simple as that. Yes some shoes are worse than others but its important to tell your running specialist store that you have this issue before making your final shoe choice.

November 06, 2017 by Tony Holland
Why are sports bras so important?

Why are sports bras so important?

Running makes breasts bounce up, down and even in a figure of eight, in fact unless secured they have their own party. Continuous and repetitive movement may result in soreness, pain and even sagging.
May 22, 2017 by Michelle Gordon
Tags: Sports Bras
What is Heel Drop?

What is Heel Drop?

Ever since the book born to run came out and the minimalist craze went mainstream, heel drop has become a word in most runners vocabulary, with the creation of new brands such as Altra, Hoka and Topo its not as simple to just pick up the right runners.
May 16, 2017 by Tony Holland
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Beginners 12 Week Half Marathon Plan

Beginners 12 Week Half Marathon Plan

With the annual run from Newcastle to South Shields one of the biggest Half Marathons in the World here is the perfect way to start.
May 14, 2017 by Tony Holland